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MeshFlow: Add Mesh Hole Filling feature.


ConvexHull: Add double precision option.


MeshFlow: Fix several bugs.


MeshFlow: Add PointCloudSectionView feature and make point cloud partially visible. Fix several bugs.


FlowerFactory: Add Intermode Step option into Raceme Inflorescence. Add twist into Stem editing. Add Configuration option into Smart Toolbar and some other new features. Fix several bugs.


FlowerFactory: Fix bugs and optimize algorithms for large model.


MeshFlow: Add Section Curve feature for get section curve from Mesh/PointCloud.


MeshFlow: Add Colorful PointCloud reading feature.




Products for Rhino 5.0

Mesh Flow

(latest v1.70)

Mesh Flow is a reverse engineering related plug-in for Rhino 5.0 and above. It can help engineers to build all kinds of surfaces from point cloud or mesh model.

Flower Factory

(latest v1.50)

Flower Factory is a 3D flower and tree modeling plug-in for Rhino 5 and above. By this plug-in, users can easily create very complex 3D tree or flowers.

Convex Hull

Convex Hull is a plug-in for Rhino 5.0 and above. It will calculate a 2D or 3D convex hull from the selected objects. The command is "ConvexHull".

















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